3 Very Important Underwater Photography Tips To Bear In Mind For Stunning Underwater Photographs!

Underwater Photography Tips #1 – Objects Underwater Are Further Away Than You Think They AreAre you aware that the ocean acts like a gigantic lens? It refracts whatever you see underwater at an index of 1.33. Hence, underwater photographers should note that when they wear a mask or when their DSLRs are in housings, objects that may seem to be only one metre away from them are actually 1.33 metres away.So what I’m trying to say is that objects you see underwater are actually at a further distance than they appear to be in your eyes. This is why you will have to be aware when focusing on underwater photography subjects.Underwater Photography Tips #2 – Get Creative with SettingsWe all know that setting your DSLR to automatic will make things easier for you. However, be mindful that you should get creative. You can make use of the different settings available for shutter and aperture.Using manual for underwater photography will be a great way for you to experiment what settings works well and doesn’t work well underwater. From experience, pictures will normally appear looking a little flat with presets. This is simply because you adjusted neither the depth of field or exposure.Another thing that you might want to try out is to vary the shutter speed settings. What this does is that it helps you gain control of the background color. Let’s put aside the thought of how fast your subject is moving underwater and the use of the strobe for now.Be mindful that using a slow shutter speed at 1/60 sec normally produces a beautiful blue ocean background. However, using faster shutter speeds like 1/125 sec will create a background color that is close to black. Why is it so, you ask? Well, using faster shutter speeds allow less light into the camera, resulting in a dark background.Underwater Photography Tips #3 – Light Is ImportantThere you have it – light is indeed a very important element in underwater photography. This is why it is of utmost importance that you use an external flashlight or strobe. These gadgets will provide light while you’re taking pictures underwater so that all the colors of the spectrum are put back together into your photographs.When you conduct underwater photography attempts without using external light, you will notice that the results of your photos will be tinged with yellow, green or brown. Be on the lookout for lights that provide a variety of settings.It is best for beginner underwater photographers to use strobes. Strobes are external light gadgets that can adjust automatically. Strobes have through the lens (TTL) metering. This metering is based on your DSLR’s automatic metering.

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